Setup Google Talk (Windows)

First Register for a Gmail Google Account

If you don’t yet have a Gmail account, here is How to Register for Gmail (step by step) or How to Register for Gmail (the video).

Ways to use Google Talk

There are three ways to use Google Talk:

  1. Google Talk Gadget
  2. Google Talk Client
  3. Google Talk in Gmail

1. If you are a big time Google applications user you may have an iGoogle account or have installed the Google Talk Gadget on a web page. The gadget is one way to use Google Talk.

2. If your user group is all Windows users you can install the Google Talk Client software and do instant messaging, make calls, leave voice messages, and transfer files. The client software uses your Gmail contact list.

3. You can use Google Talk without installing the client software by just using the instant messaging capabilities provided with Gmail. You can also add voice and video chat to Gmail as explained in the next section.

Gmail Voice and Video Chat

Installing this software supplements instant messaging with your gmail contacts with the ability to also do a voice and video chat.

Screen Sharing with Mac or having Online Meetings

After configuring and installing the software described you should be well on your way in using Google Talk for instant messaging, voice calls, and voice with video calls. In a separate post I will provide information on how to do screen sharing for presentations, support, collaboration etc. between different computer types. If both people have Windows PCs, just use Google Talk through your client software or Gmail account but if you want to collaborate with people using Macs or you want to have a meeting with more than one person it gets a little more complicated.

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