Seeing is Believing Tech Support for Windows

Some incredible things happen on computer screens and sometimes they are hard to describe or they include a lot of information that is too much work to copy down.

If you need help with something that happened on your screen take a picture of your screen and send a copy to your tech support.

Windows Screen Capture

The PRINT SCREEN key allows you to capture the Desktop or individual windows. You’ll have to look for this key on your keyboard, it’s placement varies with the type of keyboard.

To capture the entire screen:

* Press the PRINT SCREEN key. The entire screen image will be placed on the clipboard.

* Open an application such as Microsoft Word, pull down the Edit menu and choose Paste. Or, press Ctrl-V to paste.

To capture the current window on your screen:

* Press the ALT + PRINT SCREEN key. A screen shot of the currently selected window will be placed on the clipboard.

To keep things organized and for safe keeping you can open the Paint program that is included in Windows accessories and paste your screen shot in that application. Then save the file with a memorable name of your choosing as a .JPEG file in your My Pictures folder. If you are taking lots of screenshots you might even want to create a screenshots folder within your My Pictures folder or even folders by date. Then you can easily find your screenshots that you can send to tech support and prove that you are not crazy.

PS There are lots of free programs for doing fancier screen shots and annotating or editing them afterwards but have fun with the basics first.

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