Registering for a Google Account

This lesson takes you step by step through registration for a Gmail account which is also used for access to all the Google account services (or How to Register for Gmail (the video)). I have used red boxes to highlight the part of the screen you need to pay close attention to. You won’t see these red boxes on the actual web page. In the instructions I have put square brackets around the text on links or buttons.

Google Canada web page


Type in the address of the Google Canada site into the address field as highlighted in the red box above. Then click the [Sign in] link.

Choose Gmail in the Google Accounts Page


Choose the [Gmail] link as shown highlighted by the red box. (It is preferable to create a Google account with Gmail rather than just an account as shown in the right hand corner).

Welcome to Gmail


You don’t have an account yet so you need to click on the link [Sign up for Gmail].

Create a Google Account for Gmail Part 1


Enter your first name and last name. It is recommended for the desired login name to use your first name and last name separated by a period if it is available. The [check availability] button will let you know if your desired choice is available or you need to pick another alternative. Choose a hard to guess password that you will remember. Leave the default boxes checked as these are useful options.

Create a Google Account for Gmail Part 2


A good security question is something that will help you if you forget your password but isn’t too obvious for someone else to use to bypass it. Your secondary email will be sent the information if you ever forget your password. Word verification is used to try to ensure that it is a person who is registering the account. You won’t see the same characters as above which in this case are rescompa. You should scan the terms of service to check that you are ok on the rules for providing it to you. Click the [I accept. Create my account.] button. You now have a Gmail account which you can also use with other Google services.

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