Portable Devices, Ebooks, and Network Computing

These are interesting times.

The iphone and ipod touch are generating excitement about new models of phones and just about PDAs that oh yeah play music.

Kindle is generating new discussion about ebooks and online services.

Asus eee PC and Everex gPC are getting Linux enthusiasts excited of potential widespread adoption of inexpensive ultra portables with an open source operating system and applications.

I think Tim O’Reilly is right about multi-touch and there is potential in my opinion in the near future for touch screen tablet computers that could combine all of the above attributes.
How great would it be to have reasonable size screen for web surfing and book reading with multi-touch, solid state storage for quick start up, the ability to use open source applications, and online data storage and managed services for content. A wireless keyboard could be an option and with ubiquitous broadband networking, issues with backups and software updates could be a thing of the past. For the phone part include a speakerphone capability and wireless stereo headset with a mike that can be either folded out or folded into the clip if just listening to music.

There is going to be more than a few iterations in getting there so the content will need to be able to make the jump and not be stranded with a particular device but this could evolve into being a must have device especially if it is delivered in the $300 to $400 price range that most of these existing devices are being targeted at.

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