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Two more weeks until the expected announcement on the Apple tablet computer with who knows what name. Funny that competitors are trying to preempt Apple by classifying their new computers as slates. Not the most appealing name to me but it will be interesting to see what name is used and if the product can live up to it being a new category of computer. Predictions of two 10 inch tablets similar to the iphone and ipod touch makes sense. Hopefully a camera is included in at least the enhanced version with cellular Internet connectivity.

There are lots of videos on Youtube with speculation and supposed leaks. Below is one of the better ones even though it got the year wrong and is a bit too ambitious on a couple of technologies.

Some of the more credible speculation is that an enhanced version of the iphone OS will be used and a major enhancement will be multi-touch capabilities for the larger screen. I like the sketch capabilities shown in the video as well as the see through keyboard. I hope that it will be easy to add memory and an emphasis is put on performance rather than trying to appeal to the low end of the pricing predictions.

Somethings I don’t think will be included are a DVD capability or a pen which could be something a third party could offer as an alternative to using your fingers. I don’t think there will be wimax or handwriting recognition. A bluetooth keyboard/mouse should be supported but maybe not a stand initially from Apple. Voice dictation as in the Dragon dictation already available with the iphone would be a nice feature especially if it is better integrated. Gestures captured from the video camera and projection of the output on external surfaces ala the recent TED computer UI demo would be cool but that is for the future.

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