Computer Videoconferencing Webcams

While Windows PCs are easier to use with computer headsets, when it comes to webcams Macs are easier since all the recent models include built in iSight web cameras.

At the top of the Mac Screen is a buit-in iSight webcam (highlighted in red or you wouldn’t notice it)

Apple - iMac - A beautiful display. All the power you need. And more.

It’s not hard to find a suitable webcam however. Here are the ones recommended by Google for use with Googletalk:

If you don’t have a camera yet and want to get one, here are some cameras that we know work well with voice and video chat:

Skype has some information on video calls and also sells a full range of Logitech webcams.

The best bet is to use the webcams the video calling services recommend especially since they are in agreement.

Recommendation Example: Quickcam Pro 9000

Skype Shop - Webcams

Computer video conferencing tutorial is a good thorough reference source for tips, and also has recommendations for the same webcams but with more detailed information on the choices.

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