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Portable Devices, Ebooks, and Network Computing

These are interesting times.

The iphone and ipod touch are generating excitement about new models of phones and just about PDAs that oh yeah play music.

Kindle is generating new discussion about ebooks and online services.

Asus eee PC and Everex gPC are getting Linux enthusiasts excited of potential widespread adoption of inexpensive ultra portables with an open source operating system and applications.

I think Tim O’Reilly is right about multi-touch and there is potential in my opinion in the near future for touch screen tablet computers that could combine all of the above attributes.
How great would it be to have reasonable size screen for web surfing and book reading with multi-touch, solid state storage for quick start up, the ability to use open source applications, and online data storage and managed services for content. A wireless keyboard could be an option and with ubiquitous broadband networking, issues with backups and software updates could be a thing of the past. For the phone part include a speakerphone capability and wireless stereo headset with a mike that can be either folded out or folded into the clip if just listening to music.

There is going to be more than a few iterations in getting there so the content will need to be able to make the jump and not be stranded with a particular device but this could evolve into being a must have device especially if it is delivered in the $300 to $400 price range that most of these existing devices are being targeted at.

iPod Battery Life

I haven’t heard about there being any problems of short battery life with iPods. It hasn’t been a problem for me or anyone I know.
I checked what the stated play time is between recharges (see below) but if it can play all day and can be recharged at night that should be good enough.
I only play it a few hours each day so it usually lasts at least a week for me.

Here is what the Apple site says:
Q: How much playing time should I get out of my iPod battery? (What is the playing time for different iPod models?)

A1: See this detailed table for battery capacities and playing times for different iPod models.

A2: Apple’s specifications specify a battery life of 10 hours for the 1st and 2nd generation iPod, 8 hours for the 3rd generation iPod and 1st generation iPod mini, 12 hours for the 4th generation iPod and iPod shuffle, 15 hours for iPod photo, 18 hours for the 2nd generation iPod mini, 14 hours for the iPod nano and 30GB iPod video, and 20 hours for the 60GB iPod video. Many factors can, of course, influence this. Under good conditions, you should indeed get around the specified hours of battery life on a new iPod. This amount varies with age, usage style, and other factors, such as music encoding format, backlight use, etc. To get the most out of your battery, follow these tips:
iPod: How to Get the Most Out of the Battery (Apple)
iPod: About Battery Care (Apple)

A battery which only lasts for half, or less, of the specified time may be considered to be defective under warranty terms. However, you should follow the steps in this document to test your battery life in a controlled way: 

iPod: The Battery Status Indicator Is Approximate (Apple)

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One issue with iPods is that after the battery wears out (estimated at 18 months) you have to send it back to Apple to have the battery replaced. Previously they just suggested buying a new iPod but now they replace the battery for $69 CDN + $10.77 shipping. The repair price is still so high you might as well buy a new one.
Below is a video about their previous policy.
iPod’s Dirty Secret – Neistat Brothers
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Freaky IPOD Shuffle Economics

I purchased an iPod shuffle for my kids in April 2005 and it worked for awhile for them but it stopped working (won’t charge) before I could even use it. Unfortunately the warranty has expired but I thought I might be able to return it for repair and get some credit for my purchase. I thought wrong.

Apple will take the shuffle back as shown below but it will cost you more to get it repaired than to buy a new one.

iPod Shuffle Repair is $80.95 vs $79.00 for a brand new laser engraved shuffle with accessories.

iPod Shuffle Repair

Notice that the repair cost is slightly more ($80.95 + tax) than buying a new iPod shuffle and you have the further hassle of having to ship the defective shuffle back or risk being charged a further $40 CAD.

The alternative is to just buy a new one ($79.00 + tax) with free shipping and laser engraving and keep the defective one.

iPod Shuffle Purchase

It seems to me that you should be compensated for having to repair a defective shuffle. What justifies the extra cost of repairing a shuffle vs buying a new one? The only difference is the shipping cost of returning the defective one but this is either compensated by the advantage Apple receives by being able to refurbish it or learn about defects. If these are not compensating advantages then why require the defective shuffle be returned? Save the extra shipping costs and give an existing customer a break. If the concern is that customers might be dishonest about shuffle defects (if they don’t have to return it) to get a small discount on a new shuffle think of it as a volume discount. The customer paid full price for the original shuffle. Loyal Apple customers should be compensated not penalized when they have a defective product that needs to be repaired/replaced.