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Setup iChat and Google Talk for your Mac

Getting an iChat account through AOL instant Messenger This assumes you don’t have a a mobileme (previously known as .mac) account which is another way to activate iChat. Configuring iChat for Google Talk This allows you to do googletalk instant messaging using iChat. Unfortunately iChat’s voice, video, and screensharing capabilities do not work with googletalk …

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Portable Devices, Ebooks, and Network Computing

These are interesting times. The iphone and ipod touch are generating excitement about new models of phones and just about PDAs that oh yeah play music. Kindle is generating new discussion about ebooks and online services. Asus eee PC and Everex gPC are getting Linux enthusiasts excited of potential widespread adoption of inexpensive ultra portables …

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Home Design Software

Home design software is becoming more accessible and feature rich. One place to experiment is Google sketchup 3D modelling software which is free. Google also has a web site called 3D warehouse that has collections of models that can be reused. Check out their furniture collections or cabinets. Another option is Punch software’s Home Design …

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