Apple in June 2013

Well that was a long wait for announcements.

Despite the “analysts” calling for Tim Cook’s head I think Ben Thompson is right.

There are some exciting things in IOS7 and Mavericks so far. There are also some puzzling gaps that need to be filled before the operating systems are released.
What I am still looking for:

  • the interapplication communication feature needed in IOS (cure for application data silos and workflow automation better than URL schemes)
  • the fix for iCloud data syncing that developers have been begging for (Do you use Omnipresence? It is great!)
  • iWork updates other than web versions of the apps which nobody seems to want
  • Siri on the Mac
  • IOS7 for iPad is coming but how will it be optimized for the bigger screen
  • etc.

Most analysts are demanding “the next big thing” (e.g. iWatch?) or flashy new features. I am looking for more follow through on the many amazing things previously introduced which need a version 2 so they “just work”.

How about you?

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