Update the App Store

Apple’s Mac app store needs some attention. It wouldn’t take a whole lot of effort to remove the rough edges that are ugly examples of neglect.

Show only Compatible Updates

Some Apple customers still like to use their older computers. I have an old MacBook Pro that I still use even though it has a core duo processor and can’t run OS software past Snow Leopard. The app store shows incompatible software updates because it doesn’t have the built in smarts to detect incompatible software.

For example, Textsoap won’t run on my MacBook Pro because it needs a newer processor.

It shouldn’t be listed as a pending software update because I haven’t clicked the link for showing incompatible updates.

Allow Updates to be Skipped

When Evernote acquired Skitch they released version 2 that actually removed a lot of features. I plan to stick with version 1 until the next version is better. The app store doesn’t allow me to dismiss software update notices that I don’t want.

Fix Notification Center

Notification center pops up a notice on my iMac that there are software updates. Since I don’t have a trackpad on my iMac there is no way to swipe the notification away. If I click the notification to get rid of it I am forced to open the app store and then quit it. Apple should recognize that not every configuration includes a trackpad so there should be a clickable way to dismiss the notification too.

Attention to design details especially making things work intuitively are what Apple should be known for. I hope Jony Ive does more than remove skeuomorphism with a flat interface style in upcoming Apple software updates. Apple’s success depends on it providing a good example of how software should be well designed by sweating the details.