Comparison of Screen Capture Programs

Comparison of screen capture programs

  • Apple built in short-cuts + grabber utility
  • Snapz
  • Snagit
  • Jing
  • VoilĂ 
  • Screensteps
  • Clarify
  • Skitch

Macworld review explained how Snapz ($70) has gotten outdated without new features and at a premium price when compared to Snagit ($50) and VoilĂ  ($30).
My goto app is still the old version of Skitch v1.0.12 ( I paid ~$10 but now it is free as part of Evernote) because I haven’t had a big need for full page capture. Websnapper ($15) specializes in this function. Screensteps and Clarify are also good for extra documentation features but they haven’t been updated for retina displays. I have used Jing (Snagit’s little brother) which works well for simple needs.

For people who want a premium screen capture tool Snagit could be a good choice since it is also considered the best Windows OS screen capture tool and it has a dual license.

Brett Terpstra recommended Glui ($2.99) as another screen capture choice but I don’t see anything yet that it has to recommend it over the old version of Skitch if you have that already.

As for me I will stick with Skitch for now and hope that Evernote keeps upgrading the newer version to someday be as good as version 1.