The Disruptive Power of iMessage

I really like iMessage. Even though it still has some glitches it is a quick way to reach people from your iPhone or iPad and the syncing between devices will be a valuable feature. It will only get better if you have an up to date computer that will run the latest Mac OSX software like Mountain Lion (version 10.8) which is coming out later this year.

Like my previous post about David Pogue’s comments on Apple OSX technology, he has an entertaining way of explaining the bigger context on things like iMessage’s new messaging capabilities because people may not realize how big a change ubiquitous simplified and free messaging will make. Like a lot of innovation, just a few more improvements that remove friction can lead to a tipping point where adoption increases rapidly and benefits increase accordingly. Disruption occurs when the benefit of new technology is such that a major change in adoption and in behaviour occurs. Texting has already been disruptive in the way young people are relying on it (teenagers text over 60 messages a day on average). I think we are all going to find it is going to be a whole lot easier to connect and the issue is going to become how do we develop the social rules and management features to maximize the benefits and avoid unwanted disruptions.