Pogue on OSX Lion

David Pogue, New York Times technology writer and author of the missing manuals series of technology books, has released a video providing OSX Lion tips to promote his latest book “missing manual for OSX Lion”. David does his best to deal with some screen casting glitches while providing a 1 hour session on OSX Lion improvements.

In his video explains that Lion is the start of the ipadization of the Mac where innovations started on the iPad are being applied to Mac desktops and laptops. Gestures that can be used with the new trackpads are probably the most obvious example of this but since they supplement previous mouse techniques they may not be as relevant as other Lion enhancements to the average user. Where David excels is in his obvious enthusiasm in the less obvious enhancements throughout Lion which he reveals like easter eggs. Lion also has some flaws like intermittent permission problems and preview bugs but David doesn’t get into that. He does go into detail on how to turn off Lion changes that some people may not like and how with the new versions feature that “Save As” has been replaced with “Duplicate”.

All in all David’s video is helpful and gives you an idea of what is included in more detail in his missing manual book.