Keep in Sync with Dropbox

If you have more than one computer you will probably find it very useful to keep them in sync. As for me I have a multitude of computers from the desktop Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, laptop Mac OSX, iPad, and iPhone. Keeping these computers in sync would be much more of a challenge if I didn’t have Dropbox which can share files between all of these computers and also make them securely accessible on the Internet.

I love Dropbox since it has many features MobileMe should have. A key criteria for my evaluation of software is that files that are created can be synced between computers because my workflows include working on documents on many different computers before I am finished with them. More and more software is being made to be compatible with Dropbox because it provides a reliable set of syncing services. An example is keeping text files in sync between iPhone, iPad, and desktop computers. I use WriteRoom (on my iphone and iPad), TextMate, and Notational Velocity to write text files that are immediately available on all of my computers. It is a tremendous productivity boost to be able to update these text files on whatever computer I have available when I have a spare moment.

I have been happily using Dropbox for some time as these posts describe:

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  • Check out this article for a lot more things you can use Dropbox for.

    Even if you only have one computer you can use Dropbox for remote file access and file sharing for things like photos.

    You can have up to 2 GB of file storage for free and there are paid plans to store a lot more. Dropbox has a sweet deal for referrals that is Win-Win. If you register for a free Dropbox account using this link I get an extra 250 MB of storage and you do too! I heartily recommend Dropbox to keep your files in sync and share them with other people.