Interesting Tablet prototype concept

Looks like things are heating up in the tablet space as Apple’s has been long rumoured to be released in 2010 and now Microsoft has revealed a Courier prototype concept. What will be really interesting is when and how these concepts are realized and how they compare from a usability perspective. Speculation is it will be a classic battle of Microsoft complexity vs. Apple simplicity but we won’t know until or if these devices see the light of day.

Also the Microsoft future includes all sizes of displays with different interfaces.

Get Dropbox

If you have multiple computers (and multiple Operating System platforms) like I do it is very useful to sync folders between them so you can access current information from any computer. With Dropbox you can even securely access these files from someone else’s computer using the Dropbox web service. Another very valuable capability is immediately sharing files with others via a shared folder. For distributing photos for example, this sure beats sending multiple emails and is quicker than uploading to online services.

Lifehacker has an article on even more things you can do with Dropbox including such innovative things as syncing passwords across computers and accessing shared portable applications.

Dropbox is free so try it out using this referral link to get extra storage space. It is simple to setup with just an online registration and installation of software that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

I am sure you will like it since it is easy to use and it just works. Simplicity is something we all can appreciate to reduce the complications and stress in our lives.

Resetting Printing in OSX Snow Leopard

Upgrading to OSX Snow Leopard is fairly quick and easy. It also creates additional free disk space which is very welcome.

Do keep in mind though that you need to update your applications so they are compatible with Snow Leopard and you will need to reset your printers.

In system pref>printer & faxes> on the left side, you should have a list of printers. You need to right click in the white box and enter reset printing system. This deletes all the printers. Then add the printers back in so they work under Snow Leopard.