Remote Support Made Easier

TeamView has an application that makes remote support a whole lot easier. If you want remote support just go to the TeamViewer download page as shown below and click the (Windows) QuickStart button shown circled in red in the photo below (As you can see there is also Mac software available too).


When you are ready for your support session double-click the TeamViewerQS.exe file you downloaded and provide the id and password to the support person on your call. This will allow a connection to your computer so the support person can see your screen and remotely control your keyboard and mouse while you watch. The support person can also share their screen to show things from their computer. This sure beats trying to blindly explain how to use or fix a computer over the phone.

PS. Just like batteries for most electronic purchases, the support person who uses the TeamViewer full software is not included. Contact me on Skype ( or email me if you would like to be one of my supporter clients.