Skype Beta for Screen Sharing

I don’t usually recommend installing software Betas for regular use since at least some software in this category can be unstable. The latest Skype beta (Mac v2.8.0.438, Windows v4.1) however has a compelling feature, screen sharing, that could make it worthwhile to be ahead of the curve and dip into betaland to get this additional functionality before it is officially launched.

Depending on the software developer, beta software could crash frequently and have missing features or be almost production quality like Google’s endless betas. Skype betas appear to be mostly stable from my experience since they do frequent incremental updates.

Here are the links to skype beta software downloads:

Skype Beta (Mac)

Skype Beta (Windows)

Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen

Livescribe Note taking Solution

The Livescribe Pulse smart pen takes the simplicity of a pen and transforms it into a sophisticated computer for digitizing your notes and audio recording.

  • $334 Canadian for “prototype”
  • Business Need

  • Captures analog notes and synchronizes with audio recording
  • Advantage of being compact, easy and quick
  • Competition is digital recorder and scanner
  • Issues

  • Proprietary data format
  • Export to SWF only to web site
  • Mac paper creation not yet available
  • Can’t easily share notes and audio