One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Promotion

The OLPC project is having a Give 1 Get 1 promotion from November 12-26 where for $399 USD you can buy a laptop for a child in a third world country and get one for a child in North America. Here is more information on the XO “$100” laptop ($100 is the target price for providing the laptops in bulk to children in third world countries.

This could make a couple of kids really happy this Christmas.

Firefox Extension Memory Leaks

If you like extending Firefox with addons or extensions like I do, you need to be aware of the list of extensions that are known to have some problems with memory leaks.
Firefox extensions causing memory leaks and crashes
Best to stay away from these until they are fixed or at least be aware that you will have to put up with stability problems if you can’t live without them.

Switching to the Mac

If you have recently switched or are considering switching to the Mac the following information could be helpful for you.
The Tao of Mac site has some tips for new Mac users,
it also suggests some software
Bittbox has some basic stuff to orient Windows PC users to the Mac environment
The Take Control ebook series includes one on switching to the Mac.

I’ll add to this list as I come across with other good sources.