iPod Battery Life

I haven’t heard about there being any problems of short battery life with iPods. It hasn’t been a problem for me or anyone I know.
I checked what the stated play time is between recharges (see below) but if it can play all day and can be recharged at night that should be good enough.
I only play it a few hours each day so it usually lasts at least a week for me.

Here is what the Apple site says:
Q: How much playing time should I get out of my iPod battery? (What is the playing time for different iPod models?)

A1: See this detailed table for battery capacities and playing times for different iPod models.

A2: Apple’s specifications specify a battery life of 10 hours for the 1st and 2nd generation iPod, 8 hours for the 3rd generation iPod and 1st generation iPod mini, 12 hours for the 4th generation iPod and iPod shuffle, 15 hours for iPod photo, 18 hours for the 2nd generation iPod mini, 14 hours for the iPod nano and 30GB iPod video, and 20 hours for the 60GB iPod video. Many factors can, of course, influence this. Under good conditions, you should indeed get around the specified hours of battery life on a new iPod. This amount varies with age, usage style, and other factors, such as music encoding format, backlight use, etc. To get the most out of your battery, follow these tips:
iPod: How to Get the Most Out of the Battery (Apple)
iPod: About Battery Care (Apple)

A battery which only lasts for half, or less, of the specified time may be considered to be defective under warranty terms. However, you should follow the steps in this document to test your battery life in a controlled way: 

iPod: The Battery Status Indicator Is Approximate (Apple)

Here are some links
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Under good conditions, you should indeed get around the specified hours of battery life on a new iPod. This amount varies with age, usage style,
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Tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPod’s battery
iPod’s battery works best when iPod is at room temperature, generally near 20° C, Turning off the Equalizer will extend your battery life.
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One issue with iPods is that after the battery wears out (estimated at 18 months) you have to send it back to Apple to have the battery replaced. Previously they just suggested buying a new iPod but now they replace the battery for $69 CDN + $10.77 shipping. The repair price is still so high you might as well buy a new one.
Below is a video about their previous policy.
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