Mac Mindtools

In his New York Times article
James Fallows surveys some of the impressive organizing personal information management software available on the Mac. This article was of particular interest to me since I, like James, use text based Zoot software on Windows. Knowing that James is a big fan of Zoot and that there is a lot of discussion about the slow pace of upgrades to provide even basic capabilities like RTF formatting I was curious about what he would think about the excellent Mac software that is continuously improving. The article answered my questions. It is good to see that James is very aware about what the Mac platform has to offer. Although Windows versions of some of the software titles are mentioned as a means for spreading the wealth it seems to me that not enough credit is given to the operating system foundation that is partially responsible for the quality of the applications. It will be interesting to see if the common processor foundation will lead to more porting of similar applications or will only accentuate the difference between the two environments since the hardware performance will be directly comparable. From my perspective the gap between Mac and Windows capabilities for this type of application is only widening. One reason for this is that the Mac is better positioned to take advantage of open source innovation.

Epson Stylus Photo R200

Just printed a couple of CDs on the R200 and I am really pleased with the results. I almost bought a black and white CD printer a couple of months ago that was limited in the areas that could be printed. The R200 prints in color on the whole CD and the included software is real easy to use. This is a good example of where products are improving rapidly and becoming a better value. I just hope I am just as happy after I have bought replacement ink cartridges a few times.

Definitely a thumbs up at this point.